Whats Trending in Bathroom Floors

If a well-designed house is like a complete outfit, we like to think of the bathroom as the perfect accessory that ties everything together. It’s a little space with the power to make a big impact and a prime opportunity to make bold design choices—starting at the ground level with great flooring. And because the footprint is small, the bathroom is a natural space to experiment
with some up-and-coming flooring trends.

Here is a look at some emerging trends:

1. Go with a color-infused stone look - In bathrooms, stone-type flooring is a traditional pick for good reason: It offers durability, is easy to clean, and always
looks classic. But even classics can go for an updated look—like oceanic porcelain tile. The beauty of vibrant flooring tiles is that they can make an otherwise standard-stock bathroom look custom.

2. Pick a maximalist pattern - For too long, the trend has been to play it safe with flooring. This year, it’s all about embracing bold, maximalist patterns or designs. “Maximalism is the new minimalism,” says Fishburne. “Surround yourself with items and design that bring comfort and joy.” 3. Get a waterproof wood look - If you’re new to homeownership or it’s been a while since your last renovation, it’s time to take a look at luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring. It’s also a great way to incorporate the wood look into a bathroom space—without dreading every splash or spill. Not only is LVP waterproof
but also scratch, stain, and slip resistant.

4. Throw it back with retro flooring - Think you’ll need to pick between price, ease of installation and style? Not so with vinyl-sheet flooring, which comes in a huge variety of styles and patterns. Trend forecasters expect retro-inspired flooring to surge this year. And with vinyl-sheet flooring, you can make the “what’s old is new again” look happen in just hours. Whether you choose from one of these trends or start one of your own, the theme here is: Don’t be afraid to go big in your smallest space.

*Courtesy of https://www.realtor.com/